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Bring clarity and creativity to your brand

Little things make big things happen

Black Mouse Design are a Melbourne based design, communication and strategy business. We support businesses with branding, print and digital design to enable you to develop and grow your business ideas, products and services.

Visual design is reflected in all business processes. From promotional material to email communication and online presence, design dictates. Without consistent graphics, a business does not present a unified brand. First impressions are usually visual, not verbal. It’s easy to forget that a business’s image is projected as much by graphic image as the spoken word.

Connecting brands to people


Branding is defining who you are while communicating value, trust, and credibility. By understanding your business DNA, audience and purpose, we create a brand and strategy that will take your brand where it needs to go.

Print communication

From stationery to brochures to in depth marketing campaigns; we are here to help. Make others aware of how you help solve their pain point. Smart marketing campaigns can both raise awareness and acquire new customers.

Digital design

Use technology to connect and inform current and potential clients. See how we can design easy to navigate websites, digital presentation material and easy to use templates to save you time and keep you looking good.

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